Disabling Picture in Picture

Is there a way to disable the PIP function? I have searched thru the Community QA, but it seems that everyone else is a fan of this feature. I find it annoying.

Whenever I am watching a video and have to pause/skip/close, the small viewing window pops up at the lower right of my screen. Each time, I hover over the video and Close at the X, but I was wondering if there is just a way to permanently disable the feature.

Thank you

Go here: brave://flags/#global-media-controls-picture-in-picture
Disable it, see if that works.

That flag however could be eliminated from future versions, where you might one day again be stuck with seeing PIP as an option.

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Thanks for the link. I could not have found that page without your assistance.

After first trying this, I went to YouTube and started a video, then paused it. Immediately the PIP appeared on the bottom right of my screen. I tried it two more times, and it stopped. Then I went to Dailymotion.com and tried watching a different video, and the PIP stopped.

You have solved this annoying problem for me. Thanks again.