Disable shields for specified websites - and banking

I added my banks to list of sites not being shielded, however very often when trying to sign in I see popup “do you want to trust this browser or is this one time access?”, I’m always adding browser to be trusted, then next day or 2 - same question
on chrome/firefox I didn’t had this problem, so even though shields are disabled, something is still being regenerated that bank uses to identify browser? fonts fingerprint or something?
is there any option to disable randomization of fingerprints for specified sites?

Sounds like you might be clearing cookies or something. Do you know if any of your settings are there to clear cookies or if you’re using anything like a CCleaner, Avast Cleaner, etc?

no additional tools for clearing data. I just cleared cookies, added browser as trusted while login into bank, restarted brave and logged again - no question from bank for trusting browser again, so looks good.
If I don’t get asked in next days then all is fine :slight_smile:

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