Disable download notification

I’m using Brave on Linux (MX Linux 19.3) with Brave 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit), is there a way to disable the download notification at the bottom? Everytime I download a file, a notification at the bottom of the page shows the downloaded file and it takes ~ 1/10 of the height of the page, I’d like to disable it if possible, so I can have more viewing area. I tried to look in the settings but couldn’t find anything. Can someone please point me to the right direction or where I can find additional information on how to do it.

There’s no setting to disable download bar, CMIIW. Maybe try an extension?

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Thanks for this tip, I’ll give it a try.

Same on mac version…any resolution found?

There is no way to not show the download bar at the bottom of the screen. As @le.el suggests, perhaps an extension exists that will accomplish this for you.
Thank you.