Option to disable download notification bar

Small but fantastically annoying thing. Every time I download something from a web page, for example an image, pdf or other file, there’s a whacking great bar pops up across the bottom of the screen with the name/location of the download, and a big “close” x on the right.

Really?? Firstly there’s NO need for it to be so huge, secondly it could be relegated to a status bar, thirdly it really ought, by now, to be a simple switch in setting to just turn this darned thing off completely.

I’m enjoying Brave but really… the lag on implementing just simple, basic features is getting to be a REAL drag.


What on earth? This has been Goin on since March and has not been fixed. I’ll take Chrome over this incompetence. Goodbye.

It’s really HUGE and annoying, and It’s worse than ads bar.

Can use an extensions for this end. It makes the bar disappear. For example this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/download-manager/epgkpmpjileiepinlphboolabkkdelle/related

We should not need to use an extension for something that is WAY too big and basically unnecessary to see for advanced computer users.

@BrowserMad You have my support. That bar is huge and extremely annoying. I hate that bar.

Hate it, too … but I found a great extension that auto-hides the download bar after a few seconds – works like a charm!

It’s this one: AutoHideDownloadsBar

Perhaps you’ll find it useful.

I am surprised that there has been little response to this
In my opinion the download notification bar is intrusive for a few downloads and absolutely annoying when downloading multiple files. Surely just a switch to turn the notification off is not too much to ask?

@joschaf I don’t like to install extensions on my browsers. For me a browser should be just a browser without the need to install anything. However, I really appreciate your suggestion.