Disable/change widget

Is it possible to disable the new widget on the mobile Android browser and get the old 8 popular sites back? Now there are only 4 of them.

Or make a widget where I can add my own favorite sites and make it larger, so I can see more than 4.

I also don’t like the fact the widget is light when I have dark mode enabled.


It also seems that since the last update even in the Windows version it is no longer possible to pin the most popular sites.

Yes I think it’s very annoying as well. Also why are the three widgets in the same space and not just ordered in a list?


Yes, could you please remove the useless widget and get back the full window list of top URLs?
Do you really think we only look up four sites? Or use 2" displays?
Yes, the top URLs list was not perfect, but this one is far worse.

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I saw that…
And what if on mobile to see bookmarks on the new tab, instead of somewhere in a menu?
And what if I can see more than 4 sites, maybe 8

I agree, the new stacked widget is a step backwards, please give us the option to unstack, and the option to choose how many sites the top sites widget displays. I’d like to have the 8 back, but even better, I’d really like to just have a setting!!! That way people who don’t like clutter can turn it down, and I can turn it up to 12 or 16, because I want to have lots of common sites to easy and quickly choose.

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This issue on Android was addressed in v1.17.74, BUT you may need to do the following to revert to the former behavior:

  • Remove ALL widgets from the new tab page
  • Turn off “Show background images” under “Settings\New Tab Page”