Bookmarks widget on Android only shows 'Mobile Bookmarks'

The mobile widget on Android only displays the ‘Mobile Bookmarks’ collection of bookmarks instead of having both the ‘Mobile Bookmarks’ and ‘Desktop Bookmarks’ option available.

I literally have no clue as to why this has not been implemented yet when this topic has come up several times on this very forum…alongside some other posts on reddit as well.

I humbly request that you make this extremely simple adjustement that takes no more than an hour to program into the widget, it would make a lot of users very happy. Expecially the ones with a lot of bookmarks on desktop such as myself.


“topic has come up several times on this very forum”

A couple references re the Top Sites Widget (Nov. 2020):

This doesnt relate to my original problem in any way… I dont even know what ‘top sites widget’ is. I am talking about the 2 folders that you should have access to when you go back all the way on the android widget. Now, instead of having both your sync-ed Desktop Bookmarks AND Mobile Bookmarks, you only have Mobile bookmarks.

This makes no sense and this is not how Chromes own bookmarks widget works. On the chromes widget you have access to ALL of your bookmarks from your desktop use, not only the bookmarks you made on your mobile phone.

The devs need to add this new feature.

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