More top sites and user defined

In Android right now there are 4 top sites. In latest update it is rolling card for top sites, Binance and privacy stats.
Can you add more top sites (at least 8 as 2 rows of 4 as rolling)? This way it won’t take screens pace of sponsored advertisements.
Also can you make these sites user defined as in Firefox.
The new look is good.
Only user defined top sites are missing.


Update after an update and this browser gets worse,


I also support the idea of having a user defined list of pinned/top/favourite bookmarks that can be shown on the new tab page.
I would like the size of the list to also be user definable. This would make better use of the empty space on the new tab window.

In principle I like the introduction of “widgets” to be shown and the ability to order them. But it would also be nice to select the widgets that are displayed on the page, not just scrolling between them. For example, display both the favourite bookmarks AND the privacy stats.
You could even add the rewards summary as one of the widgets.


There are people like me who enable sponsors advertisement on new tab and the idea of Brave is also to have advertisement on new tab. For those who enable this feature it must be rolling with fixed space so that ads have enough space. But user defined pinned sites are must. Going through bookmarks in mobile is a hassle.


How do you even get the widgets to show? I get a blank home page and see no widgets, blank background image, nothing.

How do you even get the widgets to open?!


Is your Brave up to date? First this rolling widget appear on Beta and nightly. I guess from yesterday it appears on stable.

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I’m using the latest, as you wrote. It was updated at 1am while I slept.

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The widget should be ON. There is no enable/disable button for widget under new tab page/settings.
Can you check other 2 items are enabled as shown in the attached picture.

If possible can you try Brave beta which is available on Google store.

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That option is not available. No such setting as 'new page page’s exists!

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Under display - New Tab Page

I’ll write this again … that option does not exist in the settings menu!!!

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See -

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Yes… strange…

@Mattches can you please check this thread?

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So is there any support?

I was an early adopter of Brave before they have mobile browser. I was hoping that they learned from Mozilla not to change the UX and other features without user feedback first.

I have gone through Brave switching multiple bitcoin providers and changing up the home page design again and again.

The request for a user defined pins had been ignored for years and now it is trimmed down to 4 pins and collapsed into a widget stack. This reminds me of the time when firefox changed their UX from 3 to 4 and ignore the out cry of their user base and broke a lot plugin all over again. Also, lately I had issues of crashing and pages not loading after the update.

I am uninstalling my brave mobile browser. I had enough.


Please provide more options related to the new stacked widgets. While I understand that some people like this, some do not. I would rather my widgets all show, like they did before, and would like to disable stacking. And in addition, a configurable number of top sites would also be a very enthusiastically welcomed addition that’s been requested many times.

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This functionality is incoming:

Please be patient as we work through the litany of issues and features we have on the docket. We understand that everyone has different desires/preferences – while it may seem simple from the outside looking in, there are a lot of complications and considerations that go into something as “simple” as a New tab page.


If you by chance still have the browser and would like some assistance with the issues you’re encountering we’d be happy to help. Otherwise, have a great day :wave:

I really like the browser. Have installed it on all my devices. But i doubt about top sites. Still this feature is not landed on desktop. But I am OK with that. In desktop I can keep bookmarks tab visible on all tabs or at least on new tab page for easy access. But for mobile it is hard to access bookmark every time. Probably this feature is most wanted on mobile. I am happy that this is in progress. Thanks.


I think you’ve made a mistake in saying that the feature is incoming. You’ve linked something that pertains to the desktop version of Brave, not the mobile version.

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Fixed in the latest update.