Bring back old "Tab" page style?

I agree that the changes to the new tab page in Brave 1.17.72 are a step backwards. There’s more empty space on the screen, you can’t see privacy and top sites at the same time, and there’s less top sites shown (down from 8 to 4).
I prefer the old design.

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How do you even get the widgets to show?! I just get a blank home screen. Now way to even get to the widgets from what I can find.

Anyone help??

Settings - > New tab - > Widget stack or something, sorry my browser is not in english.

I have the same issue as scoobflight i.e. the widgets don’t show up when Brave is opened.
I looked under all the options in Settings but I don’t have a New Tabs setting anywhere.
This is on a tablet running Android

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There are no such setting options.

So … How does one see widgets!!!

Under settings, new tab page, widget stacks.

With regard to the new ‘stacked widgets’, I am not a fan.

With regard to cutting the number of widgets down to 4, I am not a fan.

Truly, who decides that giving us more blank space with no benefit is a good idea? Have you (Brave) considered adding your fans?

That setting does not exist! See -

I fully agree. Please allow the user to utilize the free space on the home page for more Top Sites.

Wait, how do you get 4 widgets??? I can only get one with all 3 features available with a swipe, which is absolutely horrible. The rest of my screen is blank and I can’t add any other widgets.

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I joined the brave community today just to complain about this. I used to have 16 tiles of top sites. Then it was reduced to 8. Now it is only 4. A few more updates and the home page will just be one giant tile that says Google.


Widget on Android Brave? Indeed, can’t agree more. I don’t understand why this new feature has been introduced. It seriously limits the number of thumbnails of popular sites down to 4 and that’s it. What’s more, I like Brave but this new widget is rather ugly. I use dark theme and the popular sites widget is white, besides, all the captions below thumbnails show just a few letters and dots. But the number of thumbnails is the worst new goodie. Honestly, why do the developers waste so willingly screen space? It could be used as a speed dial, or show at least 12 thumbnails… I used popular sites a lot, now I’m thinking of changing the browser tho’ I love it. The widget is not a good decision, and the browser has been crashing for the last few weeks. Please, revert the changes.

Well, you should be happy if you still have the old version. I hope it will be back …

I whole heartedly agree. There is plenty of screen real estate on the New Tab Page, and theres no need to stack the widgets to require swiping. Please let us unstack them and please let us have more than 4 sites. And I’d really argue that last one for the desktop version, too. I know there is a very loud contingent of people who hate any clutter on their NTP, and want nothing there, but there are many of us who think the NTP is the exact place to put lots of useful website shortcuts. Please, please, please let us choose which one of these camps we’re in and customize the NTP accordingly!

I have NO home page. The app updated but shows nothing but a blank, no wallpaper no widgets no shortcuts just nothing, and so I’m wanting to know if anyone from the Brave staff will see into the problem as it is as if my app is 1/2 update and mostly broken. The settings options are show nothing to make adjust (see my post above, but the version number shows I have the latest (AGAIN see my post above).

Help … Hello … Knock knock knock … Hello? Anyone there from support?!

‘Beef’ no…I have a faulty new release! The update version is the latest. It DOES NOT show the widgets. It does not have the widgets control panel. It is faulty and NO ONE FROM THE BRAVE SUPPORT TEAM IS OFFERING SUPPORT :rage:

Agreed. Calling this a poorly conceived change would be an understatement IMO. My Brave utilization experience has been significantly degraded as a result of this change, as I’ve lost one touch access to 1/2 the sites I regularly visit (and bookmarks are not convenient to use).

When introducing major interface changes like this, the first step should probably be an opt in when possible. At a minimum, more control should be given to allow people to at least revert back to an experience closer to what they’ve come to expect (e.g. 8 top sites), if not a full fallback to the prior state.

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It should be in flags (hope so)

Hello all, thanks for the feedback.
We have a fix for this - that should be coming end of this week.