Different Brave Persons & Translate

Ok, I’m really not sure which forum to put my question in.

I’m brand new to the forum & I’ve been hearing about Brave recently & I’d LOVE to leave Chrome behind, but there are things that even Fx doesn’t have that Chrome has, so I’m HOPING you have them too or will plan to implement them.

  1. Chrome has different Chrome persons I can create so I can open different logins for different gmails or FBs (no comments pls) in these different Chrome persons.

Or I can use one for a client & several for my different sites keeping everything separate & I know where everything is.

Fx doesn’t have this. You literally have to log out & log into the new user which is ridiculous.

I can’t believe they never changed this b/c it’s been like this for YEARS ever since I started with them back in 2000…

  1. I’m overseas right now & need the Google translate when I right click on a site & need it to be translated.

I’ve tried to use Fx’s add-ons years ago when I was living in Panama & it was terrible.

Not that Google translate is fantastic, but it’s the best so far.

  1. I hope your spell check is top notch. I know Chrome’s is terrible & amazingly Word’s is the best LOL

  2. Of course I have several extensions I use that I can’t give up, so that may be a problem too.

I’ll list them here:

a) Last Pass - you already have it, but I’m trying to move from them as they are terrible now, so I don’t know who I’m moving to & I hope theirs will work on your browser when I move.

I have BitWarden on one of my Chrome persons, but I’m not sticking with them as they don’t have even the basic features LP has.

b) Nimbus - I just wrote them asking if they have a plugin for you.

c) AAdvantage eshopping plugin (it’s for American Airlines & points when you shop)

d) Loom
e) VidIQ
f) TubeBuddy
g) The Great Suspender
h) Grammarly
i) Glance Networks
j) Wikibuy from Capital One

Thank you. I hope this will eventually work out well for the both of us. I’d like to get TONS of people off of Chrome & Fx didn’t even respond to my query from a week ago.

Have a good one.

You can use the “people” login as you would in Chrome.

In-page translation is already available in Beta builds and should be hitting release in the next major update.

Almost any extension compatible with Chromium is also compatible in Brave. If one does not work please open a topic in the appropriate category here on Community so we can investigate further.

Thank you.


Thank you for responding to my questions:

  1. I don’t know what a people login is.

Are you saying I can create totally different instances of Brave & have them running all at the same time?

  1. When is the next major update? An approximate date is ok.

  2. So even the one from AAdvantage (that’s the AA plugin) will be available?

And if it isn’t, how long does it usually take to make it available?

A few days, weeks, months?

  1. Can you tell me how to quote specific text (or the whole comment) on this forum software?

I’ve only started seeing the software on a few new sites & I don’t see any quote or multi quote button.

Thanks again, & I hope your day is going well.

  1. Use the icon next to the Main Menu button to add different profiles. Note that you cannot (to my knowledge) run these instances in parallel but they will hold their own browsing data separate from others.
    Alternatively, you can download the Brave Beta, Developer, or Nightly installations – these will run in parallel and are all stored independently of one another. I understand that adding 3 additional browsers to your machine is not an ideal solution here but having multiple builds may prove useful to you.
  2. We just applied a hotfix bumping latest to v0.65.120. Updates typically come around every 3 weeks but this is a loose estimate and subject to change.
  3. Search the Chrome Web store (or the extension developers website) for any of these extensions you’re interested in installing – they’re likely there.
  4. Highlight the text you’d like to quote on the forum post/reply itself – a Quote button will appear while text remains highlighted:
    Click the button to paste the quoted text into the editor. There is also a block quote option located in the editor toolbar:
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Well that’s what I need. Different instances to run at the same time. I thought you understood that.

So this will never be implemented b/c you are using Fx as your backend?

Not happy. Now I can’t switch. :frowning:


  • if you go to your own profile page and you click on your avatar then you should see @discobot trying to have a conversation with you and you click on those pink stripes and follow the instructions and then you can complete the community new user tutorial. When I had done that, I was able to begin navigating around the forum more efficiently and effectively.


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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Brave uses a stripped chromium backed – I never said that it wouldn’t ever be implemented or possible, just that it’s not the way it operates at this time, nor do I know of any plans to push that specific function at this time.

You can, however, open a feature request on our Github or here on Community for it :slight_smile:

Thanks, no time for that now, but maybe down the road.

Have a good one. :slight_smile:

Ok, done.

Thanks a ton!

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