Brave needs Translation feature

The translation feature is missing in brave makes it incomplete. In android version also.

Totally agree.

Google translate is great but there is a reason why we came to Brave :relaxed:


something like this gets a reply but any amount of help i try to get gets ignored entirely…

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Yes I totally agree @PDK

I wish Brave developers see this @Neichello


A full ‚Äútranslate website‚ÄĚ like people are used to have in Chrome would be great. The google translate extension sadly adds too much inconvenience.

extension is not the solution. Totally agree @xMovingTarget . It should be an integral part of the browser

mini rant incoming

The extension they suggest you to use if you want any web translation is very limiting. they really should use the one built into chrome but considering how long people have asked for this i wont hold my breathe

it one of the reasons why i went back to edge. edge automatically detects a different language and will ask you if its the first time it has come across this language to translate. if so it will translate, but the best part you can have it remember and it will automatically translate that language for you in the future!

other little things drove me back to edge sadly. One of these is the lack of a screenshot button or the ability to right click on the webpage itself and select to take a screenshot from the menu. yes, i know i can hit f12 then control + shift + p and search for shot to take a screenshot but it would so much more convenient for a button next to the address bar or right clicking the web page

For a company that prides itself on privacy and being secure forcing people to use extensions for very simple needs which are built into other browsers isnt very secure. you are putting a lot of trust into a random person online for a lot of these extensions and that shouldnt be needed at all in the case of translation or screenshot!

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Totalmente de acuerdo necesita traductor