Different amount of BAT shown on browser / Uphold

Hello it’s been awhile since i got the monthly payment received on my uphold account.

As for today on the browser it shows 27.096 BAT
but when i log in my uphold account it shows a different amount 5.84 BAT

it is also shown on brave://rewards-internals/

why is this happening?

El equipo de brave ha dicho que ya solucionaron ese error, ya se implementó en la versión nightly solo hay que esperar que lancen la próxima actualización de la versión normal

I am having the same exact issue. Brave on MacOS says 1 number, UpHold says a completely different number. I have tried using the Nightly version of Brave but it instantly crashes on MacOS 11.1 Big Sur. Any update when this “fix” will be pushed to the regular version of Brave?

I have the same problem. I just verified my uphold account, and after it transferred my bat to uphold, my brave browser wallet doubled while my uphold account received the correct amount of BAT. So now my brave browser wallet is double my uphold wallet.

6 months since last payout … this is getting anoying

Same thing with me. Accumulation, no payout.

Same/Similar issue here. My windows desktop browser shows the same amount as uphold. But I didnt receive a payout from my mobile device this month and on android brave it shows me the amount from before the last payout. It shows that my wallet is verified but it doesnt update the actual balance and I also dont get any payout from mobile :frowning:

Same issue here, was told by @steeven this was fixed last month? It would appear that it is not fixed as I have this month received 0.25 BAT… I have 2 browsers with 20+ BAT on each. I have another 2 with much less on but still I seem to get a tiny BAT payout to my Uphold once a month and the BAT continues to accumulate on each separate browser. Yes I have connected to a verified Uphold account on each one. I have 4 browsers all connected to 1 Uphold account. Seems a bit ridiculous that I have ~50 BAT that I simply cannot use. I have been using Brave for several months, almost a year and at first I was getting payouts. A few months ago it all ground to a single minute payment each month.
What is going on??

Thanks for following up. This is still a known issue that’s being investigated and updates can be tracked here - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.

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