When I verified my uphold wallet, my bat rewards doubled

When I verified my uphold account and received my bat on uphold, my bat rewards in my brave browser doubled. My uphold wallet received the correct amount of BAT but when I opened up my brave browser to look at my rewards balance, it had doubled. I just wanted to mention this glitch and see if there was a way that my brave balance could reflect my actual uphold balance.

Hi @Maxattack, could they have been rewards you failed to receive in previous months?

There have been reports of missing estimated/ claimed BATs posted about here, and a Release was just dropped several hours ago, that seems as though it could’ve addressed the issue I’m referring to.

I am using brave on my android phone. Before I downloaded uphold I had 148.30 bat, then as soon as I downloaded uphold and transferred my bat to uphold, I now have 294.8 bats in my brave browser wallet. I still have only 148.30 bat in my uphold account though.

What version is your Android showing?

EDIT: I updated mine via Github (APK file), as Play Store seems to have some delay when it comes to Brave updates.

Ok I guess I’m running an older version. I’ll wait for the Play store update then no stress. Thanks for the help

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Hmm, that’s interesting indeed.

Support should respond soon enough and see what could be going on.

Thanks for the help.

Well, I don’t feel I helped much, but you’re welcome.
Although, our back-and-forth may catch someone’s attention who can help you figure this out sooner. :slight_smile:

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