I've stopped receiving BAT payments on my Uphold account

I’ve been using Brave and Brave Rewards for quite some time and I’ve managed to earn a nice sum of BAT. At first it was working nicely, but there has been quite a discrepancy between my browser balance and Uphold account.

Right now, I have about 54 BAT on my browser balance and 36 BAT on my Uphold account. I’ve received last payment about 6 months ago as I can read in activity page on Uphold.

So the problem is that I’m receiving my earnings normally on browser balance, but not on Uphold. Why is it happening and how can I fix it?

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I’m renewing this topic, until someone helps.

I’ve found solution to my problem. I created Brave publisher account and linked it to my YT channel, so I can tip myself. Brave takes 5% fee from tip amount, but at least now I’ll get my BAT from ads on Uphold. If anyone has similar problem I suggest you do the same.

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