For two months now, the BAT rewards I have earned have not been coming to my Uphold account


I am contacting you because of the trouble I have with the Brave Browser BAT rewards. For the last two months, the BAT rewards are unfortunately not reaching my Uphold wallet. Uphold connection has been authorized on both devices where I use Brave Browser. However, I see that the last time I received a reward on my account was on May 2, 2023.
In June, I earned 3,117 BAT awards from the Brave Browser on one device and 1,710 BAT from the browser on my other device. Do you know how I can get these rewards in my Uphold account?

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@Bonarous create a Rewards Support Ticket at

I am having the same problem 2 telling reward was send but haven’t receive any rewards for the past 2 months. What is going on.


Same here. 2 months without anything sent to my wallet.


me, too. Loving Brave, but my Uphold wallet hasn’t received a payment since May 2nd :frowning:

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Good morning
I also have the same problem. The last time my rewards went in was April.
Please help

Same no rewards for 2 months

Posting with “me too” does nothing to help. Go create a support ticket as I linked earlier. And if you’re going to post anything, make sure you share ticket number and all. There’s a working list over at How to get help from Brave support and sharing Ticket IDs for this last payment.