Unable to Claim BAT Rewards

I was using Brave browser for a while and also verified my Uphold account. My earned rewards are still in “Estimated pending rewards”, I couldn’t claim this and transfer it to my Uphold account. I didn’t get “Claim reward” button too. Can anyone help?

Today, Claim is available for Android,
Next claim for Desktop is on the way i guess!

Don’t people read the thread that say PAYMENT PROCESSING not completed yet. If every single person keep posting deferent post about not received reward on day one. I don’t know how moderator going to respond. or at least read other people pose and pose in the same thread, it would reduces some works for Brave team.

So today is Android payday. If you’re a Mac or Window user, Can you just wait at least a few more day,Or after @steeven post a new update on the Payment Status.

By the way I didn’t receive mine either. Lmao

Last payout I receive on the 11th. so people please just calm down.

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