Problem claiming my rewards!

Today is the day to claim my rewards for the month of March, but the claim button does not appear on the main tab.
I am afraid that the payday will pass and that my BATS will not be claimed.
If I cannot claim my rewards at the end of the day, will I be able to do so the following days? Or will I have to wait for the next month?
pls i need feedback, thx.Screenshot_1

Hi @Lucas5, have a read through this post? Support put it up about an hour ago…

…maybe it could help you get started to sorting out your issue. :crossed_fingers:

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thx saereV, In that post it says that if I have a verified wallet I do not need to click any button, but still the earnings are not shown in my brave rewards wallet.
I will keep waiting for an update.
thx again :slight_smile:


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It might just need a little time, too, but I do hope it works out for you.
If you continue having problems, just follow the instructions in that post about DMing Support.
Good luck :slight_smile: