The button to claim my BAT does not appear, I cannot claim my BAT for the Brave Ads March, 2022 payout

@steeven hello, good day, I don’t know if you have read my messages, I’m still waiting for your answer, 25 days have passed since I sent you my DM explaining my situation in detail, 25 days ago I sent you screenshots of my rewards panel, my wallet ID and my version of brave, please read my DM. I have another problem that the claim button does not appear to claim my bat that I won in February

Hey @tom_wild Wish you had followed up in existing Topic(s) instead of making a new one! lol. I know you sent to @steeven and hopefully he’ll be following up here soon. Did he ever get back to you at all or it’s been silent since you sent?

@steeven has not answered any of my messages

@tom_wild Ok. Well, try to keep posts on this Topic if you would instead of creating new ones. It helps to show how long issue has been happening but also narrows down where to respond to. Otherwise it can get confusing. (saying this topic because we recently tagged, so this will have more attention, lol)

Hopefully steeven will see this and get back to you soon, but in the meanwhile, I’d advise maybe adding @Mattches to the message(s) where you provided the information and tag them both in that message and (politely) ask if they have any updates or can look into things for you.

hello @Mattches I invited you to this conversation, accept so they can help me