Didn't get rewards for September, don't get rewards for ads, attention measured by Brave not accurate

Still didn’t get rewards for September (it should be 0.199 BAT), no “Claim your ad earnings now!” button, don’t get rewards for all ads (mostly for background images), Attention measured by Brave is not accurate, some of my most visited sites has 0% attention (even some Brave Verified sites) while some sites that were not so much visited have some percentage of attention. It doesn’t make a sense to receive ads and have Auto-Contribute on while it doesn’t work properly so I will turn it off until it’s fixed. I hope to get some information if anyone is actually working on this issues and what can I expect about that. Thank you. (Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa)

I also have the same issue. Since September, haven’t seen even a single ad.

“Claim your ad earnings now!” button showed up today and I successfully transferred rewards although little bit less than I think it should be, but this is a good sign, so I turned on ads again and Auto-Contribute as well to see how it will work now.

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