Brave Reward Of September

Hello Friends, did anyone still didn’t receive ads of September, now is October 20 and I didn’t not receive the BAT point yet the claim banner did not show what could be the problem


Same here. In fact, still haven’t received the earnings for August either. It also seems that my “estimated earnings” this month is stuck at 0.

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* First, did you got any advance notification that you will get anything?
* Secondly, is your system still on default, "auto" or not?
Those might be the cause.
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October 21, 2021. I have also not received my payout from September 2021 either. It was supposed to be around 5 BATs.

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First no I did not get any notification,
Second i did not understand what do you mean is you system still on default auto?

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For me, it did say that a specific amount would be deposited on my account, both for the month of September and August. I have received neither.

What do you mean with my system? That could be referring to many things.

Sorry for delaying to come back to you , I was far away; what is happening is that normally a system has its own basic settings like a bright new cell phone where you have an option to choose a ring tone of your choice. The same thing applies to this system, you set it according to the way you just desire ,e.g the number of ads to receive per hour or automatic contribution.

Is your received ads button on or off?

yeh my ads is on but the contribution button is off

It is definitely on. I’m still seeing ads, and I have been continuously for months. I’ve provided you images that show the settings are on, and also of the last received payment.

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Same problem on one of my devices. First: received NO rewards for September up to now (should be around 3,5 BAT). Second: I haven’t received any rewards for days even though advertisements are shown regularly. @bravesupport

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You are not alone, it seems to be a general crisis, but its normal thing as I have noticed will it be back to normality though I cannot be precise.

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So what’s being done about it?

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