Vieing ads, not getting rewards

Hey. So ive been views ads from time to time but i dont get the rewards. On checking the ads history, it just shows i clicked but did not view. Could i be doing something wrong so as not to claim the rewards for viewing the ads? And its like that in almost all the ads i view. Exactly what do i need to do to make sure i get rewarded for every ad i view?

This all things with rewards is a sh*t, it is created to pull people to this browser, and browser is allright, but help and support is tragic, with no help, with just promises and this just doesn’t work proper since first issue, next issues are coming out.

They can’t manage and solve my problem since over a month now, some people don’t get reward since 2, or 3 months.

I don’t think it’s that they can’t manage to solve your problem, it’s that they won’t disclose to as why you aren’t receiving your rewards. In either case, it doesn’t look good on their end when these threads continue to be closed daily with 0 to 1 responses from support simply asking them to DM them for further assistance. Combined with the fact that the support team is understaffed, responses take days.

Hi, I still haven’t received my October payment from Reward Ads and Rewards Creators. also the ads do not work when you open advertisements, and the same for Brave Beta. Anyone who can help? Thanks!

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