Didnot Recieve my BAT Tokens

Hello , I had multiple devices connected to my zebpay and I only recieved tokens from 1 device. Little bit of background :
My other devices (from which i did not receive tokens) were previously connected to Gemini and later the support for Gemini was closed in my region and few months ago a Zebpay came and I connected my accounts to it .

Now when i rasied a ticket that I didnot recieve my tokens in Zebpay this is what they are saying :

"Your issue for future payouts should now be resolved.

You can now earn for Brave Ads, and are eligible to receive future payouts.

Please note that you will not receive any previous would-be earnings or payouts from when your Brave Rewards profile was flagged or when it was connected to Gemini."

Why ? I had my bats in my account … i didn’t do any mistake … suddenly you stopped support for Gemini now you are saying that you will lost your tokens ??

Hello - What is your ticket number? Thanks!

Hello Sorry for late response … I stopped checking because I thought no one would reply.
here is my ticket number : 236262

Although i have pending payments from 2 devices I raised request for only one and since I did not get a proper solution I didn’t raise ticket for another device.
Thanks …

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