Did not recieve may payouts for my pc browser

normally i was getting my mobile phone browser payout and pc browser payout (which they are connected with same uphold acc) at the same day

its been days that says uphold verfied payouts are already done
i got my payout for my phone’s mobile browser but ididnt get anything for my pc browser.
it was more than 8 bat.

pls help

idont use vpn. and im from supported region etc.


Hello there!

Steeven can help you for this problem

@steeven Take a look into this matter

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dmed em but no one looked at all

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Yeah but Steeven handling many queries so you should wait some time

@steeven give an update on this

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Same bro…I havent received my may payout yet. It was around 8 BAT. What to do?
@steeven Please help.

no idea no one giving any update

Below is a recent post for users who have not received May payouts. Follow the instructions and submit a request. Good luck!

bro got your payout?

No bro they said they are flagged my account for irregular activity. I dont even know what i did to be flagged its weird man. i will reconsider using brave browser after all this

This seems become more and more often than it used to be, it really makes me wonder if they’re actually doing okay with their financial situation. I mean, what other reason could this be for not paying their customers, the easiest way, flag/ban them…

i have no idea. maybe just a speculation which i dont like to speak about but

account still flagged no information at all just waiting to see how long its gonna take

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