Did not receive Payout this month

Been waiting patienctly for the payout this month and saw that it said payments completed but when i checked my uphold wallet i only recieved the 0.25bat bonus and nothing from my laptop and my desktop. Can I please get some help?

Same as last month, payments will probably take a while until they are completed. All we can do right now is wait patiently, don’t lose hope yet.

Yeah after thinking for abit it might just be the blockchain that hasnt completed its rounds yet. or uphold being slow to update :slight_smile:

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Yeah, we have a lot of new Brave Rewards users since ATH last couple months, also, Brave is getting more and more popular every day.

Hi sorry for your problems.
If you are using Uphold you might find this helpful https://community.brave.com/t/notice-for-users-verified-with-uphold-who-have-not-received-payment/324425, if not the following post and steeven’s suggestion of the information to DM him may be your way forward Not getting any ads and not receiving any BAT.
Hope it helps

i did get my jan payout just not my feb. and i did do all the CDD a long time ago

Then I suggest you follow the DM route and see if that helps
best of luck

This is what happened to me in Jan and I have not gotten any bat from ads (missing 4+ BAT) or gotten any notification ads since. Still waiting to see if there will be support after doing what support asked.

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