Did anyone receive zebpay payout?

Hey @SmartyAadi did u receive Ur oct 23 payout ??
i have not received and i know it will take some time but i am just asking you and the general Indian users if
anyone received because it rolls out step by step right !

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Nah dude. Waiting for it to come. I guess it’s kinda really slow lol

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what is estimate u will get in rupess dudee

Umm around 200 ₹ I guess?

Same! bro but this month it is going to be very less about 50-70 for me

Don’t wait, there will never be any payment, trust me.


How do u say that bro?

To this date, I just got only 1.25 BAT in this month bro. :joy:

naahh , still waiting :roll_eyes: :expressionless: . i should be getting around 16 bats

Stop spreading misinformation. I have always got my payments.

Those who use zebpay besides you, and those who get paid, I can see waiting

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Hey bro can I connect single zepay account in multiple devices

My account logout when I login it again logout automatically


Keep loging in again bro there are many bugs in this zebpay system…the same thing is happening to me also but no solution…and yeah no rewards also for sep lol

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You can connect to multiple devices but whats the point when there is no rewards payout at all


The ZebPay payout is still processing. Please see the payout banner at the top of the page. Thank you.

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Bro its been still in processing stage for the past 13 days when i was on uphold before the ban in indian i used to get on time payment on 8 oct

@suhasnrao04 there’s going to be delays. I know I’ve shared that and think others have put announcements as well. The integration is brand new and Brave is working with ZebPay to get this to work. Ideally Brave would have kept it in Nightly longer and tried to do some payments first and make sure it was all good before going live. But with sunsetting of vBAT, they pushed it through so people wouldn’t lose their BAT.

Just have to be patient. From what has been explained to me, it’ll all be taken care of.


Got BAT credited to my ZebPay account today.
Total Amount = Mobile+PC BAT

Me tooo bruh finally after a long wait