Finally got paid for the month of May!

I just want to say that I’ve finally received my payment for May(and maybe April, too!) Thanks so much for all your hard work and sorry for rushing you guys. :disappointed:


how much you got, I got only 0.25 intead of 7 BAT

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Yap :sunglasses::heart_eyes::grin: @steeven bc bhai hai tu apna


I still haven’t received yet :worried: :worried: :worried:

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I received 0.48 on my uphold balance, and claimed 0.5 BAT on ky unverified account. I didn’t monitor how much I earned and should expect for the previous month so I’m just happy I received something. :star_struck:

Just be patient. They may be working on it already.

my brave rewards have been stuck since April 9th or 10th . I received only 2 BAT while I have 5.550 BAT in my browser. I am thinking to re install the browser after I have received my full rewards, since no one has helped me with my frozen ads. Hope I too receive my full rewards soon. so, I can re install the browser and get my frozen ads fixed maybe.

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Why are you posting it tho? Pls keep the topic clutter free. Pls refrain from posting unnecessary posts on the forum.

Uhm… As thanks? You can’t post thank you’s here?

Note:- Brave allow verified wallet login only 4 times.
Disconnecting and connecting wallet doesn’t count… like if u log in and verified once than u got 3/4 verified log in.

Great to hear @LazyAndUnemployed! For anyone who hasn’t received their payment please note that payments to verified wallets are still processing.


We all are with you :sunglasses:

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Creator accounts on Uphold are still processing?

me too, being waiting

I am also waiting since long

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