Brave Reward for May

Successfully received my payment of 4.200 bats for May.
Expected more as I was able to collect 7 bats in the month of May. If I can get the answer on less reward payout I will be happy.
Thank You…


bro from which region you are i am from indian region and not recived a single peny


Yeah, which region are you in?

bro from india i am and not recieved a single bat plzz help me bro

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Yeah, I want to now the region @Lucifer24 is in.
I haven’t received my bat either but it will come eventually, might not be all at once.
Be patient, it’s like this sometimes, should come in 1-2 days, if not contact @steeven .

im From Uzbekistan but still doidnt recieve reward((

wait a few more days, payments just started going out yesterday and there are A LOT of transactions to be made.

Lucifier is from India we can predict from his name mentioned in his profile.

himgoo you name is not looking like indians

bro i have been waiting for since many day and there was update from @steeven side as payment begin in morning but till now not recieved anything and there is no official update that payment is still processing

tu bhai ya to suker mn le ke teri payment mil gyi hma to payment abhi tk mile h nhi iam from indian region

Steeven and others brave support might be sleeping now, b’coz in Western regions it is night, they won’t be replying now dude :slightly_smiling_face:

@steeven HI steeven plzz update us about May payout update of verified wallet

ha bro shi kha rha ho

bro in uk now it is 7; 16 AM and brave community should respond us at 9;0 clock in uk they are from scotland which is in Uk and at this time it is 7;16 in uk

My Bad,
But they aren’t working right now, b’coz I have seen mostly brave support gave their reply around 6:00pm IST

Bro i am from india contact me have some questions 6261858654

i dont understand what you want to say

I am also Indian bro

I belong to Indian region bro