Devices dont sychronize even if they are in the same Sync chain

Description of the issue: Hello Brave community! On my Sync Chain i have 2 devices, pc and phone as well but phone dont get date from pc like bookmarks passwords setting etc.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): I was deleting a synch chain and made new but issue is still on

Reproduces how often: Always

Brave Version: 1.18.75

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question: Windows(7) & Android(7)

Additional Information: Also if could some1 help me with notifications on the right down corner,how to delete em? notice
(notification on bottom-Solved)

I am not sure what you mean by “sending links.” Is this problem related to sync?

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sharing the link between PC and Phone. Both devices are in the same sync chain but can send link from phone to pc for example

Same here :
1 windows7 PC started the sync chain.
1 Android phone joined by scnaning the QR code.

No bookmark links, no password, no history, nothing is synced between the phone and the Android…
Tried 2 times to delete/create a new chain.
Version 1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Build officiel) (64 bits) on PC
Android is current stable version too.

Bump threat. Still didint get answer how to fix sync chain

Via “Send tab”? Or can you explain it further? Like steps you took to “sharing the link”?

Its the issue of Sync, i thought its just any issue/bug when both dovices are sync and…but yeah its the issue about sync chain. The reason why i cant send links between devices

I think it was solved since a long time ago…