Device Limit Reached Bug

So I have this problem. It says that I cannot be verified because I reached the maximum limit of 4 verified device.
I only have one device which is connected to my brave wallet.
Its been 7 months I haven’t received my BAT because of this problem that I occurred and known a minute ago that I have been searching for a long time and coming to this end.
Can I get help about this?

hello friend,
hopes you have not shared the password with anyone or maybe you have login in your mobile device. Brave won’t give this error without the log-in limit is reached and brave is working on max login devices and hopes it will be solved in the next update.
Due to spammers, unlimited linking is currently not available. Hope u don’t hurry and wait for brave to update it.

Thanks for the reply. I have not shared my password to anyone and surely I have only verified it on my computer, so I am still patiently waiting for fixes, no hurries at all thanks.

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