Device limit reached why?

Hello, I got this message: Device limit reached | Your wallet cannot be verified because it has reached the maximum limit of verified devices.

I was verified, and now that message appears to me, I tried to verify and I can not do it.

I have no other devices, just that I have reinstalled the browser a few times on the PC.

Nobody tells me anything, and nobody does anything

It seems there is a limit of 4 on verified devices per lifetime… The idiotic thing is that each profile counts as a new device. I have the same issue, I had a laptop that I had to return to my former work place and I had Brave on that. I also have an android phone. On the new laptop I created multiple profiles so I don’t mix work with personal stuff. All the new profiles count as a new device.
I couldn’t find any option on how to get around that so I just disabled rewards on the profiles that I can’t verify.
If they don’t fix this by the time I have to change my laptop again I will probably not use Brave anymore.

@SantosVillalba @marioana,
I have sent you both a DM to get additional information on the issue you’re encountering.

Thank you.

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