Device Limit Reached - Maximum limit

Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum verified device limit.11.10.2021

Hello, I’ve been using Brave browser for a long time. I haven’t been looking at my awards for a while, and when I looked, some of them were not reflected in my uphoold wallet. I’m getting this error even though I haven’t connected any more accounts before. Please help me


I have this same issue. I had brave on 1 past PC and 1 phone.
However, they were both wiped due to a power outage corrupting data.

I am installing the browser and trying to verify it now, and the device limit is reached.

I disconnected brave entirely on upholds end then tried to reconnect but brave still thinks there are some how 4 browsers connected, despite there being 0 browsers connected.

Brave doesn’t let me disconnect uphold on brave’s end.

Please help.

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There are tools on the way

When is it ready? Who knows. But it is in development. So you need to wait.
Support may help you out clear 1 device. But keep in mind. The support staff is not that big and they probably have a lot of requests about it.

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How do we get them to help us clear a slot?

I am not in a super rush but I would like to withdraw my BAT at some point.

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Just via this very Forum here.

Okay, how?
Is this post enough to get us help?
If not what do we need to do to get help?
Do we just wait?
Is there another post?
If so which post?
Do we have to DM someone?
If so who and how?
There are 2 of us maybe 3 here, looking for help on the same issue.
So, understanding how to get it might streamline things.

I have reinstalled Windows after using a updating software suggested on a tech site and now I get this device limit error as well. There is nothing to be done at the moment?

I’m using Brave for more than two years and i naturally reached the uphold sync limit by changing my computers and phones.
I cannot recover any BAT from a bunch of months, in all my devices, including one that were working before.

Could you help me ?

Many thanks by advance

I only wrote on the forum. And one of the support members sent me a PM. And got me 1 device removed so I could verify my desktop again.

Apart from wrote earlier Device Limit Reached - Maximum limit - #3 by xMovingTarget


Cool, thanks, I hope they PM me then.

Same issue here, can’t register with my fresh OS install. I was not aware of this limit. Looking forward to the slot tool, since only 2 of my 4 registered devices are still in use.

Hi y’all, I’m having the same issue. I have upgraded my windows desktop computer and installed a fresh installation and now I’m getting the “Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum verified device”.

How do I get my 4 slot back?

Exact same issue here due to OS upgrade. May I as well request support for the regarding matter?

Thanks in advance