"Device limit" issue fixed yet?

Is the device limit fixed yet?

80 something BAT rotting away on my phone.

Trying to see if brave is just a ponzi scheme or not?

Since linking limits have been removed, at this time, you may be getting this error if you try to connect with Uphold. If you have a different situation, you will need to post more details.

FYI Verifying with Uphold has been restored. You should try connecting again if you were trying to connect to an Uphold account. Please provide more details if a different scenario applies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, they fixed it, let me try again really quick->

“There is a temporary problem verifying with Uphold. Your Brave Rewards will remain in a Pending state and retry automatically, but you can also try again later.”

Verifying is required to use the benefits given for using Brave browser (and generating value for shareholders). The rewards arent regional. So why is your solution regional?

This problem has been affecting me personally for 9 months. I see posts here dating the issue further back.

Assuming its by design at this point.



@poz What country are you from? Some regions are restricted for custodial account verification at this time. You can still participate in Rewards and earn BAT if you are eligible (TRANSPARENCY DATA FEED) but you will not be able to transfer BAT to a custodial provider. Your Rewards wallet will be unverified and earned BAT will deposit into your Rewards balance. You can hold it or use it to tip creators.

List of supported countries in the Help Center topic linked below.

Verifying is only required to transfer your BAT to an exchange. You can still earn BAT and hold it in your Rewards wallet. Rewards is not a scam or a ponzi scheme.

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