Spotify web app not working after upgrade

This is what the browser is saying in the beta version (1.26.34). Even thought I’ve turned on the protected content toggle. But it’s not working at all.

Had no issues here, I would clear the cookies for spotify. May show if you have any extensions changing the user agent.

Cleared the cookies for Spotify but the same issue. There is no extension I’ve downloaded.
This issue occurred after upgrading the browser.

Enable Widevine in brave://settings/extensions and then reload browser, see if that helps.

No sorry, it didn’t help. :disappointed_relieved:

From a (completely) new Brave profile, I can only reproduce this if Widevine is disabled;

I tried with the new Brave profile as well. But didn’t work.
OS: macOS (M1)
Brave browser (beta)

#update, there is an issue, and we’re investigating it asap.

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There is an error here.
"Brave Ads Resources (NP) " is also showing no version with same error message.

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Okay, looks like it was affecting more than just spotify.

Also affecting Netflix, We’re looking into it.

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Netflix gave an actual solution but Spotify.

It’s related to widevine (note the ver), once resolved it’ll allow both services (and others like HBOMax, Hulu, Udemy etc) to run correctly

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What about "Brave Ads Resources (NP) ". This one? It is also showing error.

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