December payment (Zebpay)

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
Android and latest version of brave

Who is your verified custodian?

Are you in a supported region?
Yes, India

Some of my friends have received their BATs in Zebpay.
But when it comes to me I am expecting around 40 BATs and did not received them yet. They got deducted from my wallets but did not credited into my zebpay account.

Please @steeven @Mattches attches help me out in this regard.

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Please submit any payment concerns here:


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Can you please tell me that, will I be able to receive payment in Zebpay if I have lost my brave wallet ( I factory restored my device ), in that way I have lost my wallet but I has those wallets with a verified custodian i.e., Zebpay ?

It would depend on when you reset your profile. Please submit any concerns to the support form above and we can investigate further. Thanks!

In order to submit it I would require my wallet ID but because of my phone’s reset I have lost access to my previous wallet.
I have reset my phone yesterday night (7th Dec around 7PM GST).
But I came to know that some of my friends have received their payments on 6th Dec itself.

Please submit a request with your newly connected Rewards ID. Thanks

I think you misunderstood my consern.
I did not go into brave internals to reset my profile, I did my Android phone’s factory reset.
Now created new wallet and linked to the same account in the same custodian.

Keeping this scenario in existence, please tell me can it be checked If I submit a consern with this newly created reward ID.

Please submit a ticket with the Rewards ID from the newly linked account. We can investigate what happened to your previous payout. Thanks!

A last question.
Actually a total of about 9 brave browsers were connected to the single custodian and I was expecting rewards from all of them but received from none of them.

By Raising a request using a single reward payment ID of one of them, would it be possible to track issue with remaining other wallets too ?

Sir, I have raised a complaint and received a mail saying that my profile have been flagged due to some unusual activity.

But as far as I know I did not do any unusual activity on my profile.
Why this had happened to me ?


We reviewed your case and stand by the decision made.

Thank you again