Account flagged and didn't receive december reward

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? : Android (Brave 1.61.114) and windows(Brave v1.61.109)

Who is your verified custodian? : Zebpay

Are you in a supported region? Yes, India

The payout page marked payment status as complete but I didn’t recieve December reward in my zebpay wallet. I have 5 device connected to zebpay wallet.
During December payout, I already had some bat(5-6BAT) left in the browser from the 1st December. Which was supposed to come in December but rolled over to January. I didn’t use a VPN or any other method that violated any terms of the Brave reward.

I have already created a support ticket with case number 242258. and it said account is flagged due to irregular activity.

We have reviewed your case and it was determined your profiles will not be reinstated.

Thank you