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Good day. My wallet was verified uphold, but I live in Ukraine and since February uphold has disabled my account from service. At the same time, I stopped receiving awards. I did not receive the awards in March and April, but I regularly review the ads. Please help solve this problem.

I think you should reset your brave rewards wallet, so that a new address will be created. This new address is unverified therefore it will not go anywhere but stay in the browser. Using your current address now means it will supposed to go to uphold but that account is close losing the BAT in the process.

NOTE: suggestion above is just my idea (I haven’t experience it personally), so it’s better to wait for others to reply here to have second opinions about this matter.

Do not reset your Rewards or you will lose any BAT you have. Your Rewards wallet is unverified now. You should disconnect it from Uphold if you haven’t already.

I think the payout issue with unverified wallets is still an issue for some users. The Brave Ads Payout status is still showing payouts are processing for unverified wallets.

Have you updated to the latest version of Brave for Android (currently 1.38.109)? If not, you should update and see if your issue is resolved or if you get any error messages.

Are you getting the claim captcha? What happens when you try to claim your rewards? Do you get an error message? Please update your post with additional information that may help solve your issue.

  1. I personally didn’t turn it off and I don’t know how to do it. I can’t enter the uphold now. 2. Brave updated 1.38.109. I don’t get captcha. 4. The button for receiving rewards does not appear, so I can’t demand an award. In general, everything works except for receiving awards.

Once you’re disconnected, your browser should return to being unverified.

So, you have several months of earnings in Rewards now? In other words, your Rewards roll over to estimated earnings each month and your Rewards balance never increases?

Can you provide your OS version and a screenshot of your Rewards panel? You can find your OS version at brave://version.

@sergiy23 I am thinking you might get a claim button once you disconnect from Uphold. Uphold auto-deposits without a claim button. Once your Rewards is recognized as unverified, you might get a claim button. Keeping fingers crossed!

everything is correct

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