De-AMP not working

Android 9, Brave 1.45.123

I still get some AMP sites when clicking results on Google.

#brave-de-amp flag is Default, which I believe should act as Enabled on this version.

Is this a bug?

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Can you share a link where you saw this activity.

For example, the second result below:

sends me to

Hello there @beecauliflowerrocket please accept my apologies for this issue. Could you please check on your shields if you have Auto-redirect AMP pages enabled?

To check that go to brave://settings/shields > Auto-redirect AMP pages > enable it.

Let me know if that works.

Yes. It’s enabled.

I should add that in the meantime I lost my phone. But the issue is still happening on the phone I’m using now. This one runs Android 8. Were you unable to reproduce it on your end?

Also, the url brave://settings/shields didn’t work. But I was able to check the setting had been enabled via the regular interface.

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Hi again @beecauliflowerrocket does this still happen if you open the same link in private mode? Also try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave on your device to see if the issue persist on those versions.

Same problem in incognito, beta and nightly.

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Could you please try setting that flag to Enabled to see if the sites get De-AMP? As maybe having the option to default could be causing this issue.

Be waiting for your response.

Nope, still not getting redirected.

Do you know if typing the URL of an AMPed page (like on Brave should redirect to the original page? Or this feature only works for links clicked on Google search?

I ask because now I’m not being able to find results to AMP pages. This has happened before, and I think maybe there is no way to set when Google will give results do AMPed pages.

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Just created account to add my voice. Facing same issue. Most sites seem to work but some don’t. Additionally with amp redirect on, the cnn site back navigation seem to not work unless I quickly swipe back twice.

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@beecauliflowerrocket Do you have any other device with a newer version of Android where you can install Brave to see if the issue persist there?

@Bookworm could you please provide the following?

  1. Mobile Device details and Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.46.146, Chromium 108.0.5359.128
Android 13; Build/TP1A.220624.014
Samsung S21+ Android 13 OneUI 5.0.

Looks like we have found the cause of this but will need a bit of time to fix. Would also help us if you (or anyone here) has any other examples of AMP sites that don’t properly redirect.

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There are few amp related issues I am experiencing:

1/ De-Amp does not work for many sites (e.g., from clicking on nytimes, nypost theguardian, businessinsider and countless other websites’ articles keep the amped version). On the other hand, etc get de-ampled fine.

2/ Only on cnn so far I noticed that back swipe does not work after de-amp. Requires “double back swipe” in a very quick succession to go back to Otherwise, with a single back swipe, it gets redirected back to the same cnn address.

3/ For ANY and ALL amped version of pages (and I want to stress ANY and ALL), from any/all websites, universally the scrolling becomes very choppy. Forget about 120 Fps scrolling, it is so bad that I have to manually de-amp by clicking the link on the top of the amped page and opening the link directly. Every de-ampled page (whether manually done by me, or by Brave) is buttery smooth at 120 fps. Only the amped versions have problem. This problem also exists on Microsoft Edge. So I am assuming it’s the chromium under the hood. Firefox Android does not have this issue, whether amped or de-amped, firefox android is buttery smooth.

P.S. I was forced to remove links as I am too new user to post links looks like.

1/ De-Amp does not work for many sites (e.g., from clicking on nytimes, nypost theguardian, businessinsider and countless other websites’ articles keep the amped version).

I’m unable to reproduce this, can you give me an example query or website where De-AMP doesn’t work? We specifically tested on NYTimes and the other websites you mentioned before launch, so it would be really helpful to have a concrete reproducible example for debugging purposes.

Thanks, that was helpful, I merged in a change that should fix cases like these where the AMP Viewer URL is being directly navigated to instead of from the Google Search page:

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