App Page changes

Would suggest the following for the app page.

  1. Put option in settings to turn it off (if a user doesn’t want it or gets tired ot it…)

  2. Come up with a way for each user to save the apps they want to the app page, and as many as they want. Right now only 6 apps can be on the app page.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean with app page. Are you talking about the home page/Dashboard on Brave Desktop and the top pages (bookmarks).

With version 0.69, which is Brave dev at the moment you can disable them comletly (see the new Dashboard settings on my screenshot). It’s not available yet in the release version or beta version!

The Brave team is currently working on improving the Dashboard, so options to add you own bookmarks and have more than 6 will presumably come very soon.

Just wanted to mention that we also have a category for feature requests. One for desktop, iOS and android, which helps keeping the forum organised and people know about which Brave version you talk.

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Yeah that is what I call the app page. Not sure if Brave calls it that or something else…

I think it’s called Dashboard in Brave … or Home Page/New Tab Page.
Are your questions/suggestions resolved then? You might want to try out beta dev to see the first feature you asked for. The rest is hopefully coming very soon!

The dashboard is a great feature when you start using the browser, since it gets you excited about all the crud the browser is blocking. However, after awhile I doubt many users would want to continue to see it, particularly once you know the browser is doing its job of blocking trackers and ads.

I have been running my anti-spyware client daily since installing Brave, and I am happy to report that there is NO adware or spyware on my Windows 7 desktop. This browser is the cat’s meow!

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As you can see from the screenshot, from Brave 0.69 on, you can also remove the Brave stats from the Dashboard, if you are not interested in how many ads/trackers have been blocked. Personally I find it very interesting.
In future versions the Dashboard hopefully gets even more customisable, for example by allowing to change the positions of the different ui elements or by allowing additional add-ons through the webstore for example news, weather …
But to be honest, personally the most important fix has to be top pages now. You cannot add your own top pages, you can see every pixel of the icons and the gray rectangle does look quite horrible in my opinion. At least on the iOS version you can add top pages and the look of the tiles is improved (although you can still see every pixel).
Except from that, other features of Brave are far more important.

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