Darker default background (instead of white)

This may not even be a Brave issue, but it doesn’t happen with Firefox, so I might as well mention it here. I love this browser so far, but one gripe is that sometimes when I navigate to another page, the browser instantly goes blank and all white until the new page begins rendering. It’s very jarring when I have most things set to darker tones, especially when the page I was just viewing has a dark background and the next one does as well.

For example, I have YouTube set to dark mode, but every time I go to YouTube with Brave, I get the blank white background before the page loads. Once it loads, it doesn’t seem to happen as long as the browser tab stays within YouTube. I thought it was a YouTube thing, but it doesn’t happen with Firefox. Other examples are Discord and Reddit.

When I open a new tab, the page is briefly blank with a dark grey background before it changes to a picture and shows all the Brave stuff and news. This darker background (instead of the white) would be perfect. Can that happen when going to a new page as well (assuming this is a Brave issue).

Same here. I’ve tried any trick I came of, but nothing gets the dark. It’s a pain in the eyes.