Brave's Browser Dark Mode Issue on IOS 6-5-20

When I go to YouTube inside of brave the background is white and not black, I updated the app and then it broke dark mode! Yes the setting is on Dark Mode inside of brave settings. However it is still a white background even tho its set to dark. (Full Dark MODE) After updating, I really regret updating because now it’s broken and can’t be fixed unless you come out with a patch for it. I hope you can fix this really soon! I really need dark mode back, like full true dark mode like backgrounds. The backgrounds are the problem.

Mr. Waste

Picture Proof:


as far as i’m aware Brave doesn’t have a ‘Dark Mode’ only a Dark Theme, so, the user interface is dark but not the web content your viewing

It did a few updates ago, its now gone

I’ve using the browser for quite a few years now and I’ve not seen it.

I could be wrong though

I have been using brave since end of Dec 2018. It was dark but now its not.

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