iOS Webpage colors inverted

Hello! I was looking through the community for similar issues to what I’m experiencing and noticed that most are out of date and were fixed by an update. Unfortunately, I’m having an issue with this on the most current version of Brave within the app store. I’d like to especially highlight that I am not using nightshift or true tone AND that it doesn’t occur on all webpages. Any insight to this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(as an additional troubleshooting measure, I opened the exact same webpages on firefox, safari and Chrome (ew, haha) and was unable to reproduce the issue.)

Thank you, again!

Description of the issue:

Colors in pictures within some webpages are inverted. Most notably Twitter and Reddit.

I do not have nightshift or true tone enabled.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.66 (113)

Mobile Device details

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iOS 17.5.1

Can you share a screenshot of what you seen on your end on our iOS device?

Hello! Thanks for getting back to me! Here’s a picture on private and standard browsing

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That certainly is strange. Reaching out to some of our iOS folks now. In the meantime, can you confirm that these images display this way when Brave’s Shields are down as well?

Can you please confirm whether or not you have “night mode” enabled in the browser (Settings --> Appearance)?

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This was it!

The display mode was set to night mode within the browser, good catch and sorry I didn’t look there sooner!

Thanks so much for you help and time with this. It’s been greatly appreciated!

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You’re very welcome. iOS team is working on a fix for this as well so thank you for reporting.