Black mode for pages

I would like to suggest brave implement a black or dark mode for webpages, like dark reader or black mode in android

Brave on Iphone does not have dark mode (for webpages).
Do other browsers have a forced dark mode??
If other browsers also do not have dark mode, then it may be due to ios as every browser is forced to use webkit.

I know that safari can do this but with a addon

i 100% want this too! Google Chrome has it now :slight_smile: where you can enable dark mode for websites! i bet brave could get this working too! :smiley: i reeeeally hope they add it!

i used Brave://Flags and added dark mode for websites there, but it made already dark websites look really weird!

Could you share where exactly is this specific flag?

Right now, I use an extension to prevent my eyes burning /s.

yea, sure! go to your browser and type : brave://flags/ that should open your Flags menu! then type in Dark in the search menu and you wanna enable Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents

it seems experimental tho! it makes already dark pages look really ugly! just so you know!

Direct link : brave://flags/#enable-force-dark

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