iPhone dark mode not working

I’ve got the latest version of brave for iOS. The tabs and buttons are dark. But none of the websites are rendered dark. Appearance is set to Auto and iPhone system is on dark mode.

What am I doing wrong ?

Because it’s a dark theme for the browser UI.

Is there a “true dark mode” available for Brave iOS ?

I’ve seen screenshots of DuckDuckGo in black. But I can’t get it like that.

I’m not sure about that. Because I don’t use iOS. cc @Mattches @Aa-ron

Hi @Joshhhy,
Do you have have dark mode enabled on the control centre?
If not, go to your iOS settings > control centre > customise controls, and then add dark mode. So now when you swipe up you can enabled dark/light mode really easy.
Go back into Brave, double check appearance is set to automatic. Go to duckduckgo.com, swipe up for control centre and toggle dark mode, refresh the page. If it doesn’t turn dark, open a new tab, then go back to the duckduckgo tab. Does it turn dark then?

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Hi Aaron. Nup. The tabs at the top swap to block / white / black. But the website is always bright white.

@Joshhhy, Can you confirm if swapping between tabs did not change it to dark mode?

@Aa-ron I believe @Joshhhy is asking about dark mode setting for web content/webpage. On Android, it can be enabled via flags.

I’m tagging in case Brave have a similar workaround for iOS.

That’s right Eljuno. I thought iOS Brave could render websites & content dark like your Mac version does.

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