How can I get my iOS brave app to be white

My iphone Brave browser is always black - makes it very hard to read several websites (including my own). Can’t find any setting that changes it from dark mode to light. Thanks for what I hope is a simple fix!

Are you checking from within Brave’s settings? It’s in SettingsAppearance. From there you can change it to Automatic, Light, or Dark. You can also toggle `Night Mode.

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Thank you. I found that yesterday and checked ‘light’, but nothing changed when I reloaded sites. Still showing black backgrounds for all sites that normally have white backgrounds (except Brave itself :upside_down_face:!)

Makes me crazy! For example, the second one down in the right is my own art site which I reloaded after changing those settings yesterday. The site has a white background. Looks awful in black!

Never mind! I deleted all and started over (again) and now it is working as it should. Thanks again. Problem solved.