CTRL + B shortcut no longer works

Description of the issue:
Unable to use the shortcut to format bold text “CTRL + B” since the last update to 1.50.114

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Select text on Google Docs, Notion or Word online
  2. Press CTRL + B
  3. Nothing happens

Brave Version : 1.50.114 on Windows 11

Additional Information: The shortcut works on Edge and on applications

Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

Does anything happen when you press it?

I am wondering if it has something to do with this: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/27994

But, I would think it would make the sidebar pop out, and you’d notice that. Also, Ctrl+B still works for me (to bold text) in Google Docs. So I’m not sure why you’re having an issue and I’m not.

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Thanks for your answer !
Nothing happens when I press the keys

I have solved the problem.
A new extension I just installed used the CTRL+B shortcut

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