Ctrl + B opens new tab instead of bolding text

Every time I try to bold my writing through ctrl + B, Brave opens a new tab instead. It happens on all websites. It doesn’t happen when in Microsoft Edge, so I don’t think it’s my keyboard.

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Some text entry fields have their own tools for edits. Of course, the trick is discovering such tools.

I am looking around for some extension that might assist, with that discovery . . . but have yet to find such an aid.

You might try EditPad Lite / EditPad Pro – from Just Great Software. Maybe you can write in an EditPad Window, and they copy and paste into the text entry field of the web page . . . and your work will by some miracle, appear as you wish.

Might work for some reason; ref.:


Might not help, but for ref.:

Thank you. I can check these out. It happens in all text entry fields, on all websites. I can type fine otherwise, and I can still bold if I manually highlight and click bold. It’s just a strange glitch that I can’t find a solution too, and it’s quite annoying.

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