CSS issues with one particular site

Description of the Issue:-
Brave Shields seems to be blocking external CSS resources for this particular page

Steps to reproduce:-
Launch Brave
Make sure your shields are ‘ON’
Navigate to this site
Try turning off Shields, your site should load normally

Actual Result:-

Expected Result:-

Reproduces how often:-
Every Time

Brave Version:-
Version 1.25.70 Chromium:- 91.0.4472.77 Official 64 bit for Windows 10

Currently Reproducible?
Yes! Try it out ( I mean, it does still have the issue in a private window, so cache has no role to play )

Additional Information:-
Works perfectly fine on Chrome ( latest version, I honestly don’t use it unless it’s very much needed, so dunno the number ) and Edge Canary Build ( again, the latest one, but I use this, so Version 93.0.915.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) )

My PC runs Windows 10 21H1


Give it 24-48hrs. This should fix it;

Notice the image image gallery doesn’t work in any browser (this seems to be site issue)

I tried opening it in Chrome, Edge Canary and Firefox, it seems to be working fine there. Some problem with Brave Shields. I’ll try and get the screenshots

Microsoft Edge Canary

Mozilla Firefox ( Not the latest version )

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge ( Official Build )

All browsers, are updated to their latest versions, unless stated otherwise

@fanboynz It works normally in all other browsers, so it’s some problem with sheilds

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Yeah @Rudra_P fix is being rolled out, give 24hrs.

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Okay! Thanks for the update

@fanboynz The issue is now resolved! Thanks for the quick repair :slight_smile: