Crypto Wallets same as Uphold? I am getting Wallet Unreachable notification

I did a brave update yesterday.
[Version 1.4.96 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

I am getting the " Uh oh. Your wallet is unreachable."

It’s telling me to reconnect my wallet, but is this different than Brave Rewards? I did have to reconnect to Uphold as it was disconnected. But I am still getting the notification for my wallet being “unreachable”. Is Uphold considered a Crypto Wallet?

I have not noticed this notification in the past and I have no crypto wallets setup outside of the Uphold for Brave Rewards.

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Uphold is somehow like other trade website such as Binance, etc. and yes it has crypto wallets in it, remove metamask extension from brave browser if you have one, otherwise you might not finished uphold verification procedure to be verified and linked to your browser, try the whole excersie once more again and becareful of steps.

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No I have a verified Uphold account with BAT in place and it syncs properly when it’s signed in. I do not have any extensions currently installed.

The laptop I am on still states the “UH OH” warning. But I am logged in to Uphold (see screenshots).

My Desktop has no “UH OH” warning and is also signed in to Uphold without issues. Same Brave version for both.

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Can you try restoring your wallet following these steps:


There is no “Restore Settings” option under the Triangle when the “Uh Oh.” warning is present. It IS there when it is working correctly. But currently it is not. That’s why the step-by-step tutorials have not helped thus far.

On the working machine, the “Restore Settings” takes me to the ‘Brave Rewards’ section. When I go to the Brave Rewards section using //brave:rewards on the non-working laptop, the screenshot above is what comes up. It is working fine. When doing a backup/restore, the result is the same as far as the wallet notification.

It is strange for sure! I think I will have to reinstall and hope it’s just a disconnect in the browser.

Reinstalling might be last solution, just make sure you backup your wallet before do so.

Reinstallation did fix the issue.

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Happy to hear that as much as this issue is weird, did restore your wallet?

When reinstalling Brave, I went back to Brave Rewards, signed back in to Uphold, and it reconnected solving the issue. I did not have to do a “restore”.

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