Crypto Wallet on Brave

Hey Community,

Forgot to write down password for brave (nothing missing thankfully) but trying to create another and nothing works unless I have the password.

Also, where can I find the Polka.js extension? Thanks.

If you have the seed words you can restore it. But if failed to backup the seed words there is nothing much that can be done. Reset feature is not yet available.

For extensions visit Chrome store and install all of them should work

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I dont have the seed, but I do have the password and when entering it in, it does nothing. It doesnt tell me that its invalid or anything like random ones used just to see if it did the same thing.

Tried to restore account, and it does nothing as well. I click and click and click and doesnt lead me to anywhere. Just stays on password page.

Saw the above problem with many others on github but didnt see any solutions. Help?

Are you using the most recent version of the browser? I ask because this was an issue some time ago that has since been fixed:

I just updated and still nothing.

@Rae8Rich sorry for the late reply. I did try a few things and was able to hard reset it to go back to a clean setup. This would require editing a few files on disk and deleting a bunch of folders. let me know if you are ok to do it I can give you the steps. But if you are not very comfortable editing and deleting things I’d suggest create a new profile and create a new account. If you are game to taking a bit of risk I can give the steps to completely remove Crypto Wallets and restart fresh

Hello again,

I willingly to do whatever the easier route might be. Lets try editing a few files first. See if this works. Cheers.

Thats the spirit :fist_right::fist_left: . Lets try this. Make sure you follow the exact same steps

  • Make sure you quit the browser and not just close.

  • Delete the component folder first odbfpeeihdkbihmopkbjmoonfanlbfcl

  • Delete the local extension state folder for the component

  • Open the Local State file and search for odbfpeeihdkbihmopkbjmoonfanlbfcl and delete the entries

  • Open the Preferences file and search for odbfpeeihdkbihmopkbjmoonfanlbfcl and delete the entries

Note: The entries in the preferences file may vary on your device. These files are json file so any deleted entry if not done correctly may cause a profile error.

Once this is done you should be able to remove Crypto Wallet and visiting brave://wallet again should start over. The process would be more easy once we have reset Crypto Wallet feature enabled.

Good luck

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Can’t seem to find the Preferences file. I am using a MacBook Air if that helps.

Love + Light,
Raven S. Richardson

You should be able to find it in /Applications/Brave-Browser/Default/Preferences and localstate should be in /Applications/Brave-Browser/Local State

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