Crunchyroll won't show video, but audio plays fine (error MED-4005)

Description of the issue:

I recently built a new PC, and have since not been able to view any media on using Brave; I have no issues with Crunchyroll on Microsoft Edge. When I try to view media, a black screen shows up with the “Oops! Something went wrong. Try again.” message, and gives an error code of MED-4005. I thought this problem would be fixed by toggling on widevine - this was disabled for some reason - but this only allowed the audio to play while the same black screen and error persisted. I have also tried:

  • Clearing all Crunchyroll cookies/cache, and logging in again
  • Using a private window
  • Turning off all shields

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Log into
  2. Try to view any anime episode

Expected result: Being able to view media

Brave Version: 1.57.49

Hello, same issue here. Sometimes i can play video but when i maximize screen its show the black screen with error code MED-4005.

This appears to no longer be an issue in the newest version of Brave (1.57.53).

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