How do i fix crunchyroll med-1 problem on mobile?

I am a crucnhyroll free user and i just use crunchyroll to watch one piece. But yesterday i couldn’t watch any shows on crunchyroll because of the med-1 problem. How do i fix this on mobile brave? (I use a vpn to watch crunchyroll shows on brave)

@Rippy You need to provide more information. Which OS and all? Are you on Android? iOS? What? Answers and instructions vary. It also helps if you make sure to provide information, such as which version of Brave you’re using.

As to the error you’re getting, it means something is blocking your connection to the server. Other person who had this issue on Desktop found that it was because they didn’t have Widevine enabled. If you’re on Android, you natively have Widevine if you’re using an authentic version of Android. But if yours is de-Googled or whatever, you won’t have it.

So I’m not sure if it comes down to DRM on your device or what your situation might be?

Hello, i have te same problem. A few days ago everything was working normally on crunchyroll but it started giving that “med-1” error. I know the error comes from the “DRM” Because I also tried to use Netflix and it asked to fix the protected content settings, I tried but I can’t find a way to fix it on my Android device, is there any solution?

@Valeppp Sadly, doesn’t look to be the case for now. It remember a time in the past when it used to work natively with Android’s operating system, but not sure when that changed. Seems been an issue for the past 2 years, so my memory must be going way back or I got something confused.

Looking at official answers, there’s a Github on the issue at and it was assigned to be worked on just about 3 weeks ago. It is labeled as P3 which means, in their own words, The next thing for us to work on. It'll ride the trains.

I’ll tag @Mattches on this to see if he might have any additional updates.

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@Valeppp you can use funimation like me if the crunchyroll problem cannot be fixed, you have to use a vpn if funimation isnt available for your country (i recommend proton vpn)

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